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October 2012

Cyclists giving wheelchairs to help those in need
~ Rising Sun (Chatsworth) : 9 Oct 12

The Amashova allows for great opportunity for companies and organisations to use the Cycling for Mobility race as a team building opportunity. This year, Cycling for Mobility; an organisation aimed at giving wheelchairs to those in need will have the opportunity to team build as well as raise awareness of their organisation.

Some of the members of the team have previously participated in the Amashova, with Scarpa having completed 10 races and Van Der Westhuizen having completed four respectively.

This year, both riders and their team will ride under the C4M banner for the first time and look forward to the fun of the event. Scarpa says that he sees a need for wheelchairs in this country and due to the lack of income in some communities, it is not possible for disabled people to get around and be independant.

These wheelchairs will offer them independence and Scarpa has gone as far as keeping wheelchairs in the boot of his car, just in case the need arises on the side of a road.

Even though Cycling for Mobility will be participating in teh 106km competitively, they will still be on the lookout for opportunities to give back along the way.