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C4M Helps Disabled Children

Mid South Coast Mail, 14 Feb 2014

The Cycling 4 Mobility Team recently handed over six specialised wheelchairs to the Ethembeni School for the Physically disabled in inchanga on Friday, Gebruary 7. Thanks to Halfway Toyota who once again assisted with a bakkie to transport the valuable cargo. It was just before the 2012 Amashova Cycle Challenge, that the school approached Dr Beth McLeod, one of the C4M team members, about the need for wheelchairs for some of their students.

C4M supplied two standard wheelchairs immediately, with another four to follow - however, it was discovered that the children required specific wheelchairs for their disabilities.

Now C4M have been able to start 2014 off by fulfilling their promise to Ethembeni, despite the wheelchairs being more expensive.

These wheelchairs are the key to giving the students mobility, making day to day tasks easier and not affeecting any future growth of the children.

The occupational therapist at Ethembeni, Margaux d'Hangest d'Yvoy, expressed her gratitude for the specialised wheelchairs.
This is just the beginning of the hand-outs that Cycling 4 Mobility have planned for this year.
The cycling team of Dr McLeod and Flavio Scrapa are also planning on racing the Sani2c for team C4M, in an effort to raise more awareness and money for the non-profit organisation.
Flavio explained: "We ae always looking for deserving recipients, people who unfortunately are unable to afford one. We rely on people getting in touch with us so that we may help."
The team have not committed themselves to doing this year's Old Mutual Joberg2c - financially times have been tough, but they are hoping to secure a sponsored entry as this ahs in the past proved to be the event that gives them the most exposure. To end off we would like to thank various people that have made the 1st year of Cycling for Mobility a success.

To get in touch with the team or find out more about the cause, check the Facebook page.