Cycling 4 Mobility Sponsors

As the Cycling 4 Mobility team heads off to tackle the 2013 Old Mutual Jober2c, we would like to thank the many people who have come forward to support the C4M Team in our fund raising events or made a financial donation towards a wheelchair.

There are numerous people and companies that made such contributions. Special mention must go to the following group of companies who since the Birth of C4M have been behind us and have supported us immensely:

  • Body Zone Gym
  • Scottfin
  • Synchrospec
  • IHS Electrical
  • Beach Liquors
  • Nigel Payne
  • Howard Christie – Subaru
  • Halfway Toyota
  • Avis
  • Sappi.
  • South Coast Signs & Interiors

Without their dedication and contributions the C4M Team would not be able to help the many unfortunate people that we have provided a means to give them  some form of Mobility again.

As we head up to Johannesburg again we are determined as ever to continue with our quest to assist as many people as we can. The pain and hardship we will endure on our bike is nothing compared to what someone who has no means to move around feels. As the Good farmer Glen says: "Nothing worthwhile comes easy and Life is not all Down Hill."
With that said the C4M Team is moving forward!

southcoast signs

Please contact us to find out more about sponsorship needs and opportunities.